Pad n' Pen© is fun for the kids too! Mom can use it for her grocery list! You can use it to calculate your taxes and store email addresses! Little Tommy can learn arithmetic on it!
No need to sync with your computer. Never worry about having to upgrade to keep up with the Joneses! This lightweight gadget needs no batteries! Never needs to be charged! Easily replaceable! Infinitely upgradable and expandable! Version 1.0 is all you'll ever need!
"How can such a thing exist?" You might ask. We've developed something we call "opaque writing vessels". This space age technology defies Moore's law, because you'll NEVER have to install more memory chips or upgrade the central processing unit. Unlike Windows, Palm Pilot, and other clunky operating systems, you're not confined to indistinguishable icons and vague buttons. You don't have to carry around ports and plugs and wires every time you go to the office. And you'll save hundreds of dollars, because one Pad n' Pen© can be shared with the whole family!  
Use Pad n' Pen in the office for reminders! Store your important contacts with no worry of running out of space! Don't forget your anniversary ever again! It's portable and detachable, so you can keep a record of area "massage parlors" and hide it away from the main unit in a safe location without worrying about busybodies! You'll never need another personal assistant again with this device! We guarantee it, or you'll receive a full refund! Order yours today!